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Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth is a documentary film by director Jaro Vojtek about Slovak journalist and war photographer Andrej Ban. Jaro as his friend has been a silent witness of his struggles, felt-apart relationships, and his depressions. Their intimate conversations in contrast to tragic and painful war and refugee crisis has laid the foundation to the concept of the film. Jaro follows Andrej to various destinations in the world, his camera observing his interaction with people in need and his photographic work. Paradise on Earth is a topography of individual and global struggles – continual therapy without the end.


directed by: Jaro Vojtek
screenplay: Marek Leščák, Jaro Vojtek
director of photography: Jaro Vojtek
edited by: Peter Harum, ASFS
music by: Michal Nejtek
production manager: Dominika Fáberová
producers: Zora Jaurová, Mátyás Prikler
produced by: MPhilms
coproduced by: RTVS - Radio and Television Slovakia



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