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„For those who are not here and should be.“

A boy is accidentally killed at an informal hunt somewhere on the border of two Central European countries. One of the people involved in the incident, Minister Berger, is the hot candidate for the influential international post of High Commissioner for Water Management, who will be tasked with finding the solution to increasing water shortages across Europe. The government hires secret agent Steiner to hush up the scandal. The more he investigates the case, the more  embroiled he becomes in dilemmas of power and its execution.

How much is there to find about the true story and its protagonists? Is the truth hidden in the events or in their consequences?

This arthouse drama, which features elements of a political thriller, tries to unveil the moral dilemmas of power in modern society.



Mátyás Prikler


Marek Leščák, Mátyás Prikler


Zora Jaurová, Mátyás Prikler


Viktória Petrányi, Petr Oukropec, Pavel Strnad 


Szabolcs Hajdu, Jan Kačer, Mihály Kormos, Attila Mokos, Éva Bandor, Lucia Kašová 

director of photography:

Gergely Pálos


Zsófia Tallér

production designer:

Michal Lošonský

costume designer:

Erika Gadus


Matej Beneš

sound design:

Dušan Kozák, Tobiáš Potočný

production company:  

MPhilms (Slovakia)

coproduction companies:   

Proton Cinema (Hungary), Negativ (Czech Republic), Radio and Television Slovakia

With the financial support: